How long can I leave sample before polymerization?


I was wondering if there is a maximum time that we can leave the sample after we commence perfusion - post fixing - but before we begin polymerization?


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    hollyholly Posts: 2
    To clarify: would it be possible to leave the sample after embedding, but before clearing? What sort of time-frame would I be able to store the sample for?
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    I would not store the sample in the hydrogel solution too long between perfusion and polymerization. Even at 4C, the solution could start to polymerize prematurely after a couple weeks.

    After polymerization/embedding, you could store the sample in PBS if for some reason you did not want to start clearing. Room temperature is probably fine, but you could also keep it in the fridge for extended periods.
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    I leave my samples in clearing solution at 37 degrees. They start to clear on their own.
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