Nitrogen gas purity

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had issues using less pure N2 for the desiccation/polymerization step?

What nitrogen do you use? Ultrapure?


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    MOGMOG Posts: 3
    Hi there,
    I just wanted to follow up on this question. We would like to start using CLARITY, but I've no idea what grade of N2 gas we need to buy. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    DUJDUJ Posts: 11
    Following a tip from this forum, I skipped the dessication step and just filled falcon tubes all the way to the top, leaving as little space as possible for air. I polymerized 20 samples so far and never had problems with polymerization of the gel.
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    andasandas Posts: 2
    I have bubbled nitrogen gas into to tube for 3-4 minutes, but I don't think this is a really critical step. Can´t see how gas purity should important... unless it contains loads of oxygen.
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