focusclear deposit

The recent batches of focusclear tends to form white deposit within the brain (particularly in ventricle). This is happening more and more often (and fast, ranging from several hours to 1-2 days). Does anyone have a good way to avoid this? I have tried "mountclear" from the same company, for post-focusclear mounting but did not have much improvement unfortunately.


  • MNGMNG Posts: 6
    We have seen this too, on passively cleared tissue. Heating it up to 37 helped to reverse some of it.
  • We've also got this problem. I've heard that incubating the sample in focusclear at 4 degrees until you're ready to image can help delay this.

    There's also been a suggestion that it could be remaining SDS within the tissue forming a salt. I'm going to try increasing the length of the PBS wash before putting the sample in focusclear.
  • jflynnjflynn Posts: 6
    Yep. Looks like the samples just needed a longer PBS wash between the clearing solution and focusclear steps. Changed the amount of time in PBS from 2 days to 5 days, and now it can stay in focusclear indefinitely without going opaque.

    This was for spinal cord samples
  • yetitiyetiti Posts: 7
    update: 2-3 day PBST (important to have TritonX in solution) wash will completely solve the problem.
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