Platinum wire stability

After which round of tissue clearing does your 0.5mm platinum wire become tarnished or burnt?

I found our platinum electrode burnt out after 2 rounds of tissue clearing. (30V, 0.7~1.4A, about 4 days each)
The cathode has burnt out and broken while the remaining parts have also thinned out. The anode has also completely lost its sheen due to oxidation. I'm guessing one possibility is that the electrode might not have been able to stand the amperage.
For your information we've been using platinum wire extracted from a used electrophoretic chamber, around 0.2~0.3mm in diameter.

We’re going to purchase more platinum wire, but we might not be able to afford the cost if the electrodes keeps burning out like this.

Plus, I have heard about some people using other types of electrodes instead of platinum wire. (copper, stainless steel, carbon electrode etc..) I would like to ask, is there indeed a cheaper and more effective alternative?
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