Bibliographical references for combination active-passive CLARITY

TiloTilo Posts: 1
Hi everyone, I have read in this forum that the best approach to obtain maximum transparency without damaging the sample is to combine passive and active CLARITY... The protocol was very well described, but I would need some bibliographical reference of that, and the page seems no more available...
Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance


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    The majority of active CLARITY tissue protocols involve an initial passive clearing step before the generation of the electrophoretic current. This is often noted as a preliminary incubation in the clearing solution, which itself is passive CLARITY. During that incubation period, the passive diffusion of light-scattering lipids from the tissue into the solution has started. So, if you are doing active CLARITY with a preincubation you are doing a combined treatment. As far as damage goes, you can damage tissue by over clearing it passively or actively. You’ll have to establish what the baseline is internally within your own lab. There are many factors and it will also depend on your tissue type and size.
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