Tube Holder

Holding the tubes onto the reservoir tank can be a pain. Tape stinks; it leaves marks, doesn't hold well, and it is difficult to control the depth of the inlet and the outlet (typically you'll want the inlet to be below the outlet to minimize bubbles). So I remixed https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1212828 to add holes for 0.5" tubing. Clip it onto a beaker and insert the tube through one of the holes (choose an angle/side). FDM print with whatever material (nGen preferred), no supports, 20% infill, and high resolution (Cura) if you can afford the time. Files (design and .stl) can be found: https://github.com/OptogeneticsandNeuralEngineeringCore/SmallProjectFiles. More projects can be found: https://optogeneticsandneuralengineeringcore.github.io/ONECoreSite/ (including CLARITY) and I may put this up there some day (doubtful). Don't have a printer? Order though the ONECore to support future design.
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