New clarification service - What do you think?

Hey everyone,

We have developed an improved clarification technology that allows us to clarify with really high quality and in a very short time. For example, we can do a full mouse brain in a few days. We are turning this into a clarification service for research labs around the world.

Our site: claritytechlab.com (in progress)

As CLARITY users for many years, our team has gone through the challenges that come with setting up CLARITY in our labs. As you are all aware, the toughest part is clarification. We have invested countless hours and funds improving this step as it is the most important and time-consuming.

What do you think of a one-stop service that clarifies your extracted samples at the highest quality and sends them back ready to image in under 5 days?

We would love your thoughts on this and if you would be interested. Our goal is to launch in March 2018 and help labs implement CLARITY easily.


Justin L.W.
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