New Tissue Clearing System (COrES)

Hi Everyone,

We developed new tissue clearing system which works as a whole. This system is an all-in-one and ready-to-use to make electrophoretic tissue clearing simple, rapid, and efficient. The system design performed by our research team was formed as a whole include electronic control unit, liquid tank, temperature control unit of the tank and electrophoresis chamber. The control unit software was produced according to feedback principle to keep the system stable using information of temperature and circulation rate received from system through the sensors. In this way, circulation rate, temperature values and current given to the electrophoresis chamber can be monitored and controlled via the touchscreen. Processing operations can be monitored through the transparent areas on both sides of the electrophoresis chamber that specially designed and produced by 3D printer and cage, putting the tissue in it, can be attachable and detachable in the electrophoresis chamber. In this way, the tissue is prevented being damaged during placing and withdrawal of it. Corrosion and particle collection is reduced to a minimum because of the envisaged electrodes for electrophoresis is produced using platinum wire. Temperature control unit is a sensitive, controlled design and does not require compressors, unlike the commonly used systems it is capable of both heating and cooling process from liquid tank base. System successfully produces transparent tissues about 3-4 days cleared tissues are efficiently labeled with antibodies. I can share the details with interested people.

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