Stochastic Electrotransport

Has anyone taken a look at the recent paper from the Chung lab, "Stochastic electrotransport selectively enhances the transport of highly electromobile molecules"?

It offers some solutions for some of the challenges of electrophoretic clearing, and I was wondering what people thought of it? You can find the abstract here:



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    LeoLeo Posts: 9
    I've seen this paper. I am wondering if the lipid will remain inside center by turning sample.
    Turning sample looks like helpful but it's weird when we think about a principle of the lipid moving.
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    jrbutlerjrbutler Posts: 2
    The actual clearing is more complete - the stochastic electrotransport will ensure that the lipid moves out of the sample regardless of any blockages in a standard ETC setup. I think of it as a sort of potentiated diffusion, so that you're not dealing with a pool of lipid at the centre, as it diffuses (electrotransports) out of the sample.
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