Anyone using lightsheet microscope?

Is anyone successfully using a lightsheet microscope with CLARITY and postmortem fixed tissue and if so, is it a commercial one such as the Zeiss Z1, homemade (openspim.org), modified light microscope such as http://www.jove.com/video/51342/setting-up-simple-light-sheet-microscope-for-toto-imaging-c-elegans
or a different one?

I'm trying to figure out which would be the most appropriate approach, based on pricing, working distance, magnification range, number of lasers available, specimen size range (starting with 1cm cube), speed, and optics knowledge required. Openspim requires 3d printing and machining parts which are not readily available from Thor etc, the commercial ones are I assume the most expensive (by how much?), and modifying a light scope such as an axiophot even when it already includes a powered stage and software may present technical limitations due to the already existing vertical axis and stage which may interfere with the illumination path.

Thank you
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