Anyone consider using the X-CLARITY instrument?


I'm surprised I haven't seen any discussion of X-CLARITY here. I was wondering what people think about it... Have you heard of it? Have you thought about using it?


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    JakeJake Posts: 10
    I have used the X-CLARITY for clearing mouse brains. According to the company, it works well on various mouse tissues. Even bone. Easy to use and never fail for me. In addition, scientists at that company recently published a paper in Scientific Reports (http://www.nature.com/articles/srep18631). As far as I know, the company provides a free demo for a while. I think, this demo will be helpful for you guys.
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    LeoLeo Posts: 9
    I've used XCLARITY. It has good performance. While I accept it was expansive than home made CLRITY, I think it deserved cause easy to use and getting fast results.
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    gatorsopgatorsop Posts: 1
    X-CLARITY from Logos Biosystems will make your life easy. there is just released the 2nd generation of X-CLARUTY divice (ETC2 systems).
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    Try SmartClear from LifeCanvas Technologies (https://www.lifecanvastech.com) instead! This is what the D Lab at Stanford uses (3 of them in fact) and the company is now offering a free clearing and imaging service as well! https://lifecanvastech.com/services/
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    MicroRamMicroRam Posts: 2
    edited April 2019
    I tested the SmartClear device and I ended up buying that instrument.

    There are pros and cons with each device. To my knowledge I believe Xclarity uses a static electric field and the clearing buffers is actively pumped. WithSmartClear, clearing buffer is constantly circulated (so there is fluid flow) and in addition you can rotate the sample. While I don't find the rotation very helpful, the fluid flow helps.
    The downside of SmartClear device is the operating costs. You need to replace the membranes after 10-15 days of use, and this is something you can only buy from LifeCanvas tech as a kit (they sell the membrane and the buffers).

    The electrodes in SmartClear device are platinum stripes and the company expects the electrodes to lose performance after a couple of years. The cost to replace the electrodes is ~ $1k, or free if you have extended warranty.

    In contrast, the operating costs are much lower in X-clarity. The clearing buffers last much longer (if you buy them in bulk) and the 2nd generation X-Clarity device uses platinum plate electrodes which supposedly has lifetime warranty.
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