Easy removal of hydrogel?

I am testing the CLARITY method using 500um 4T1 cells. However, am finding it very difficult to remove the excess hydrogel. This resultantly makes it difficult for the clearing solution to penetrate the sample. Does anyone have some recommendations?


  • LeoLeo Posts: 9
    Hi. Do you want to use kind of cell-sheet? very interesting. I'd recommed exclude Bis as hydrogel. It will become a gel type rather than hard type. You 'll find details in "ACT-PRESTO: Rapid and consistent tissue clearing and labeling method for 3-dimensional (3D) imaging 2015 Scientific report".
  • ClaraClara Posts: 18
    Hi Leo, I was reading the paper you mentioned and I was wondering, have you tried the protocols described there? do you know if its possible to do c-Presto on clarity samples?
  • LeoLeo Posts: 9
    Hi Clara, I've just tried ACT that's only use acrylamide, VA-044. It works.
    I don't have any idea about c-Presto.
  • Kim wipes are absolutely essential in getting the hydrogel layer off of your sample. I remove as much of the gel as I can by hand and then use the Kim wipes, which grab onto the gel. You have to be careful but it works very well, at least on whole brains!
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