I am confusing "brain CLARITY" with "brain 3D histology"

Dear all,
I am writing this message to ask your kind comments about "brain CLARITY" and "brain 3D histology".
Actually, I am a bit confused that if they are synonyms?
As you know, "brain CLARITY" has been widely used for connectomics discoveries. However, I have not seen any paper that "brain CLARITY" is used for 3D identifying healthy and tumor cells in brain as an alternative for common 2D IHC methods. And, that's why I am confusing these terms.
I'll be grateful if you could make it also clear for me! ;)



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    JAGSJAGS Posts: 16
    Dear mkbakht,

    The term CLARITY can be used to refer the brain clarified and, I think, brain 3D histology is the set of clearing methods to have whole-brain images (iDISCO, CUBIC, PACT. CLARITY...).


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