Normal for tissue to turn totally white in PBST?

Doing the PBST wash and my sample has turned totally white and cloudy after 1 day in the PBST. I know some cloudiness is normal, but to what extent?


  • AdamAdam Posts: 31
    Cloudiness is perfectly normal I think. Unless the section is very thin, mine are completely opaque until they go back into RI matching solution.
  • Cool, thanks for all your help Adam!
  • dgrobertsdgroberts Posts: 16
    Opaqueness has proved to be quite an issue for me. I've come up with a couple of ways to reduce it, but in many cases I can't get total clearness unless I wash for <1 day and quickly place my samples in an RI matching sol'n, where I'll store at room temp for a couple of days before imaging. If even a small hint of opaqueness remains, there is a noticeable affect on my imaging depth. I am working with mice brain hemispheres, so imaging depth is crucial. Does anyone have any input on this?
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