Perfusion in rats

I have read that the perfusion in rats can be done with 80-120ml aprox. The 10min/ml rule is followed, or change the perfusion time? Is this amount good?


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    JAGSJAGS Posts: 16
    In addition, the method to perfuse in CLARITY the hydrogel and the PBS; Do it has any difference with the normal perfusion?
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    TullyTully Posts: 9
    I use about 200mL as a standard. At a bit more than 10mL/min, like ~13 or so (i dont think it makes much of a difference). I just continue until 200mL has been used. Works fine. If the rat is a bit smaller, I might use a bit less.

    I always use ice cold PBS. I just follow the protocol as much as possible to avoid errors.
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    JAGSJAGS Posts: 16
    Thank you Tully,

    I used about 300ml, due the rat's size, and it worked fine, too.
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