Water circulator with cooling function also?

I just got a Lauda alpha A6 water circulator. The only difference between the one
from the publication is that this circulator has no cooling function. But the temperature stability
is good.

How critical is for the ETC clearing to stay constant at 37 °C.? does it have to do with pH changes, tissue damage?

If I have allot of clearing solution circulating will this compensate for the heat produced during the electrophoresis?

@willadler I know you have the same circulator. Can you share your experience?


  • willadlerwilladler Posts: 7
    We like the A6 a lot. We've been able to run it up to about 35-40 V before the temperature starts increasing past 37°—no need for cooling at these voltages.

    This isn't a concern for us right now (as long as we are only running a single chamber on our system), because our next run is going to be at 20 V. The FAQs suggest running below 20 V, and so far we have been burning our brains at higher voltages, like some other people have reported.
  • FabioFabio Posts: 62
    Ok thanks for the info. Im think I would also start at the lowest end. Its more acceptable to wait longer for your brain than burning it.
  • I've done a few calculations regarding the specific resistivity of the clearing solution at various temperatures, and I've found that temperature has a rather dramatic effect upon the conductivity of the solution. Increasing temperature of the solution decreases resistance, which will allow more electrical current to flow through you sample - probably burning it.
  • FabioFabio Posts: 62
    Yes its true. I will just look closer at the temperature. Until now at low voltages it stays constant at 37°C with my circulator
  • In my setup, with an old Polyscience circulating water bath, the temperature is increasing at 30V and above. The equilibrium in my system is 45°c at 30V (all the heat comes from the electrolysis). 20V should give better results, with no need of cooling. (I use the design from the paper for the chamber)
  • rajuraju Posts: 12
    an interesting paper to check out for effect of temp on micelles: "Temperature Effect on the Nanostructure of SDS Micelles in Water" http://nvlpubs.nist.gov/nistpubs/jres/118/jres.118.008.pdf
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