Tissue discoloration into shades of green

Dear All,

I started the ECT procedure and after few days of running a rat brain tissue block (no overnight run) we started to notice that our brain turned greenish in its color. there was definitely some progress in the clearance, but not spectacular and this discolorations progressed in time. As recommended I cleaned the electrodes by reversing the current every 2-3 days. Initially i though it may be the black deposits entering the tissue. We did see that our cathode turned back very soon after the initiation of the run.
After this experience I started running a new piece of tissue and cleaning the electrodes every day before starting the system (we don't run it overnight). And again after 3 days my tissue showed this dark 'greenish' discoloration.
Does anyone have any idea what this could by caused by? Could this mean that the filter is not catching all the small particles coming of the electrode during cleaning and they stick to my tissue?
Some facts:
- We run our system with platinum electrodes.
- We run one chamber using about 5L of SDS buffer
- I check the pH of buffer regularly and its around 8.5
- the buffer is clear (no color change as seen by others) and even under the microscope i see no floating particles (maybe they are too small?)

I would greatly appreciate any comments.



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    Can you provide any images?

    There tends to be a yellowish/brown tinge with most ETC-treated tissues (more colour with increased ETC/passive clearing ratio) from my experience, but I wouldn't go as far to call it green.
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