Surface cracks?

I'm currently clearing an entire right hemisphere from a rat brain. I took the brain out of the ETC chamber today to check the clearing status, and I noticed quite a few cracks on the surface of the brain. I'm not really sure if its due to the motion from all the bubbles in the chamber, or the slight force needed to get it in and out of the small chamber that "holds" it within the ETC chamber, or temperature or what.

I'm running the ETC at 20V, at roughly 35C (measured from within the chamber, room temp is about 25c, so the difference shouldn't be huge), with a flow of about 0.5L per minute. It has been running since june 12th (16th today), with an ETC pause over the weekend (14-15th june) running passive only. When running passive its at roughly 28c.

Has anyone had any similar experience with surface cracks?
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