Mounting for imaging

After incubating in focus clear, the protocol says to mount in a chamber covered with a Wllco dish. Has anyone tried using simple coverslips?

We have Corning 1 1/2 cover slips that are about the same thickness of the glass bottoms of the Willco dish (~.17mm). May give them a try, but maybe the refractive properties are different.

If anyone has come up with a fun mounting solution that works, I'd be happy to hear it!


  • gjonesgjones Posts: 12
    My understanding was that you only need to use Wilco dish if you're going to image with an immersion lens because it's just a well with a coverslip as the base. If you're going to use a dry lens then you could certainly just use regular coverslips.
  • I use regular coverslips with blu-tack and qwik-sil (the same protocol described online, but with regular glass instead of the super expensive wilco. I don't understand your comment @gjones : you can also use immersion objectives with a regular coverslip, even water immersion.

    @Jalal : did you get a sample worthy of imaging? I would be very interested to know what kind of fluorophore you're about to image!
  • gjonesgjones Posts: 12
    I meant for immersion objectives with a large working distance, i.e. 1-8mm.
  • JalalJalal Posts: 11
    @nicholasrenier : no imaging yet but I'll post some pictures of embryos that I've attempted to clear. Looks promising i.e. they look more transparent than uncleared embryos, but sadly I cannot read Ramon y Cajal through them yet
  • DavidDavid Posts: 2
    I invite you to consult that link for your imaging set up:
  • aysegulaysegul Posts: 33
    The page we requested was not found @David ?
  • ClaraClara Posts: 18
    Hi! has someone tried to replicate the mounting technique described in Poguzhelskaya paper on 2014? they simply put the tissue slices (1 or 1,5 mm thick) on a glass slide and used a regular coverslip, no mounting media involved, just some drops of PBST to avoid drying. I was wondering about trying this instead of using 85% glycerol.... any thoughts?
  • Hey Clara, I am wondering whether you have tried this method yet and if so, did you have any luck with it?
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