Experience with RapiClear 1.47


I`ve ordered some FocusClear lately and received with my order also a sample of a new product called
RapiClear 1.47.

The datasheet says its a water-soluble clearing reagent. It also suggest it can be applied for
techniques like CLARITY. They even show some images of different mouse tissues in RapiClear, with pretty
decent clearing.

Does somebody already tried this RapiClear on his/her samples
and would like to share their experience?


  • rajuraju Posts: 12
    We also got some RapiClear sample to try. (Not sure what you mean by 1.47, ours was supposed to have a RI of around 1.52). In the first impressions, it was pretty fast to clear the tissue. However, the gel structure looked severely damaged - I compared two adjacent sections, one in FC and on in Rapiclear; the RapiClear one looked much damaged.
  • nicolasreniernicolasrenier Posts: 44
    edited July 2013
    Hi @raju and @Fabio!

    Do you also get yellow tissues with RapidClear?

    I'm obsessing with yellow because it shows that UV and blue lights are scattered in clarity tissues. I achieved a neutral color after ETC, but focusclear turned my samples yellow again.

    I still can't image anything useful with wavelengths ranging from 405nm to at least 550nm. This is for me the most important issue Clarity has yet. I also realised that in the paper, DAPI has been imaged with a 700nm wavelength on a 2 photons, so maybe you have the same issue?
  • LauraLynchLauraLynch Posts: 31
    Would someone please post a link to RapiClear? When I Google it I get all sorts of stuff that can't be what I'm looking for (pond clearers and pregnancy tests!).
  • FabioFabio Posts: 62
    @nicolasrenier I still have to try RapiClear. In the datasheet of the product I can see that all cleared tissues become yellow.

    @LauraLynch RapiClear is produced by http://www.sunjinlab.com/
    the site is still under construction, despite the fact that the datasheet points to check their webpage fro more information.
  • This web site was completed.
    You can see the detail in http://www.sunjinlab.com.
  • Did anyone get any further with using RapiClear?
  • The Sinjinlab website says that it's compatible with CLARITY... though I don't see any data to accompany this:

  • MOGMOG Posts: 3
    Did anyone yet try RapidClear on whole brains?
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