Other types of tissue

Has anyone had any experience trying the CLARITY protocol on tissue other than Brain or spinal cord? We were hoping we could use this approach to examine the clonality of fat pad development and/or clonality in solid tumors. I'm concerned we will build a chamber only to find we simply "cleared" away our adipose tissue...

If anyone has experience with other tissue types I would love to hear how it went!


  • I cannot imagine that adipose tissue would undergo clarity very well - there may not be enough non-lipid structure to remain after ETC. However, I am not speaking from experience.
  • KeithSiewKeithSiew Posts: 24
    @abachman I'm hoping to do kidney and aorta in the next couple of weeks I'll let you know how I get on
  • Hi Keith, I will try clearing kidney too, did you succes with your samples?
  • I plan to try DRG and perhaps skin preps from rat hind paw (paw punch)
  • @abachman @patricia

    We've had success in passively clearing our mouse kidneys, hearts + aortae, small intestine and colon. We're still working on the human aorta as this was not as successful. One thing we did note is that the per-vascular fat and perirenal fat in the kidneys with the capsule intact did not clear despite nearly 8-9wks of passive clearing. Not sure why this is... it's possible that the lipid concentration is so high that without ETC to speed up the process the SDS can't remove the fat from the adipocyte stores.

    Hope this helps answer some of your questions
  • TanguyCTanguyC Posts: 1
    Did anyone tried to clear eyes (retina, choroid and sclerotic tissues) of rat or mouse? I hope to be able to do it on optic nerve too.
  • dgrobertsdgroberts Posts: 16
    @TanguyC You can passively clear the optic nerve in mice just fine. Since it's so dense with white matter, however, you may want to try a higher SDS concentration.
  • Hi,
    I tried on heart, liver and kidney :

    - heart : it was difficult because i see a transparency only on the left ventricule (1 month 1/2 on passif clearing)
    - liver : after 2 months I saw a transparency on the extremity but on a liver lobe with ETC chamber it's work
    - kidney i'm septic because after 2 months (passif clearing) it's not clear ...
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