Tissue Sectioning AFTER clearing

balsorjlbalsorjl Posts: 6
Has anyone tried sectioning tissue AFTER clearing? I have seen some groups that section tissue after acrylamide hydrogel incubation and polymerization, but I would like to section after tissue has cleared completely.

First, I am trying to avoid freezing cleared tissue. Second, when I mount my samples to a microslicer for sectioning, my adhesive is absorbed into the entire block of tissue.



  • JakeJake Posts: 10
    If you don't want to make thin slices, you may use some of these: https://www.tedpella.com/section_html/asibrain.htm
  • balsorjlbalsorjl Posts: 6
    Hey Jake,

    Thanks for the tip! I actually tried this again recently and found that careful application of a small amount of adhesive, along with immediate removal of any excess adhesive, drastically reduces the amount that is absorbed by the tissue.

  • aysegulaysegul Posts: 33
    Hi balsojl,

    I sectioned my whole brain samples after clearing using scalpel. It's so easy to sectioning.
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