Water Soluble Azo Initiator [VA-044]

Hi all,

I'm based in Cambridge, UK and really interested in trying out this technique in Kidneys and Aortas. However, I've been having problems trying to find the VA-044 on the German distributors site for Wako. There doesn't seem to be any easy way to find out how to order it or how much it actually costs.

Has anyone been able to order it in Europe and how does it cost (even knowing the US $ would be a good ball park for me)

Many thanks


  • FabioFabio Posts: 62
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    I ordered from german wako.

    the cat nr. of the VA-044 is 017-19362
    just paste it in the link below.
    there are two versions 25 and 500 g
    25 g cost 94 euro
  • KeithSiewKeithSiew Posts: 24
    @Fabio Thanks so much for that.

    It's an amazing cost disparity between the 25g at €94 [017-19362] and the 500g [011-19365] at €180. Though there doesn't seem to be any difference in the physical product itself?

  • FabioFabio Posts: 62
    seems they produce lots of it and selling small quantities is not profitable.
  • KeithSiewKeithSiew Posts: 24
    So it turns out that Wako don't deliver to the UK and they have a local distributor Alpha Laboratories... but there is a big mark-up on the Euro prices:

    011-19365 VA-044 500g £247.50

    017-19362 VA-044 25g £148.50

    Oh well... guess I'll have to cough up!
  • ClarityNLClarityNL Posts: 14
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    @KeithSiew, we are based in the Netherlands and also had trouble buying the VA-044. We came out with http://www.instruchemie.nl/ (art.no. 011-19365), you might try them since they're the closest.. and the price is the same as WAKO's.
  • Hi Keith

    We got more than we need here at UCL (500g !!!). I can sent some to you if you wish or come and pick up some if you visit London soon.
    We got it from Alpha Laboratories £314.10 per 500g/£224 per 25g .

  • Hi Bertrand,

    Thanks so much for the offer that would be amazing! Anything you can spare would be appreciated as we're going to try optimise the technique for a number of tissues (human and mouse). Of course we'll be happy to return the favour in the future.

    I'm actually down this Friday evening and staying over at a friends for the weekend (with a brief interlude to Brighton in between) and possibly coming back to Cambridge Monday morning. Let me know if you can do Friday evening or Monday morning.

    My number is 07412 030626

    Kind Regards,
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