Can 99.9% pure platinum be used as electrodes?

I am trying to make a chamber. From the materials list provided by the CLARITY resources, I found 99.99% pure platinum wire was used as electrodes. But as we all know, the price of 99.99% pure platinum wire is almost two folds of 99.9% one. To save some money, I wonder if I can use 99.9% platinum wire for instead. Dose anybody have this experience?


  • I would think 99.9% platinum wire would be fine. We use 99.95% platinum from Alfa Aesar with no problems.
  • zoupengzoupeng Posts: 2
    thans very much for your replying. I would try by using 99.9% one.
  • vinLvinL Posts: 4
    On a separate note, would it be possible to use another material besides platinum, e.g. palladium?
  • I would also be interested to know if anyone else has tried other electrode materials. We are currently testing a chamber with Pt-Ir electrodes (90-10), so I will have an answer soon as to whether or not that works. Pt-Ir alloys are pretty significantly cheaper that >99% pure platinum.
  • @KatherineHolzem Bumping for results of this one. Very interested.
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