FocusClear, amount?


I am a first year master student, and I'm attempting to use CLARITY as a tool in my master thesis. I am currently scavenging for supplies. Before I order FocusClear, however, does anyone know how much is usually used per experiment? I looked through the protocol, but I can't see that it says how much you're supposed to use. Just a rough estimate so I know how much I should order.




  • For a whole mouse brain I can get away with 5-7 ml.
  • TullyTully Posts: 9
    Excellent, thanks.
  • I can re-use it a few times, too.
  • @LauraLynch : before imaging, they said "incubate in FocusClears for 2 days", do you know how much used for just incubate ?
  • AdamAdam Posts: 31
    You need to use the same focusclear for the 2 day incubation as for imaging, so use enough to completely immerse the sample, and to fill your imaging chamber. In theory, the more the better to prevent dilution of the focusclear from any PBS etc that's within the tissue.
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